Cosmetic Dentures

Why Little Irregularities Are Essential To A “Natural-Looking” Denture …

No two people are exactly alike, thanks to the unique interplay of thousands of natural variables…from the color of our hair and eyes, to the tone of our skin, to our height and the build of our bodies.

The same can be said for smiles. Smiles gain their beauty from the size, color and shading of our teeth, as well as from the way our teeth are positioned in our mouths.

If you are shopping for dentures, you’ll discover a range of possibilities. You may be surprised to discover that strides in modern cosmetic dentistry make it possible for you to create a smile as natural as it’s ever been.

Good looking dentures are not usually “piano key” or “picket fence” arrangements, where “snow white” teeth are arranged in a perfect row. While such arrangements may be comfortable and allow you to chew your food, many times these dentures look like dentures…They look like “false teeth.”

On the other hand, modern dental technology has developed personalized dentures that can be as natural-looking as the teeth you were born with. Dental professionals personalize dentures by actually considering everything from the shape of your face and the tone of your skin to your gender before creating – one tooth at a time – a denture that offers the most harmonious interplay of individual tooth form, size, color and arrangement.

These dentures offer higher levels of comfort, fit and performance. Their teeth wear longer and resist discoloration. And because they are made with new high-impact denture base (pink) materials, they are also stronger and more likely to survive a drop on the bathroom floor.

The personalized modern denture provides a softer, more realistic appearance that can make your smile much more natural-looking.

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