false teeth calgary services
We offer a wide variety of services:
    • Complete denture smile design
    • Partial dentures
    • Implant retained dentures
    • Custom fitted sports mouth guards
    • Sleep apnea and obstructive airway appliances
    • Bleaching trays/whitening
    • Relines & Repairs

    • Occlusal therapy/removable plus splinting oral prosthetic

    • Emergency house calls and nursing home calls

There are approximately 4 million Canadians wearing dentures. Ordinary dentures leave little room for customization. Men and women, old and young, get basically the same look. The result is a perfect row of identical teeth, which causes many dentures to look false.

Calgary Denture Clinic dentures are made with an entirely different philosophy. Each set of Calgary Denture Clinic's dentures is custom made for the individual patient.

The process begins with a series of detailed measurements taking into account crucial aspects of facial size and specifics of the individual mouth. Again, all these steps would vary for each individual.

The teeth are designed to show the subtle differences in shape that make men's teeth look more masculine and women's more feminine. Calgary Denture dentures also incorporate the natural differences in shapes of individual teeth that together make a beautiful smile. Finally, tooth color is carefully evaluated to find the perfect color for the patient. Calgary Denture teeth are made with a variety of the latest materials using state-of-the-art design that make them as secure and comfortable in the mouth as possible. Calgary Denture serves hundreds of patients monthly and would love to take care of you too.

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