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Another happy patient. Franco donated Christmas basket to patients seniors group Christmas party!


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I been a patient of Franco for 20 years.  FRANCO always provides Excellent Service and TOP QUALITY CARE. My new dentures are Fabulous! Receptionist JULIE is a sweetheart. I would highly recommend FRANCO DISCIGLIO for all your denture needs.

Barb S.


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Beautiful smile for a great lady!

I have had a lower denture for many years and it fits perfectly but I decided to have two implants inserted. The big difference now is the ease the implant provides when biting off a piece of raw carrot, celery, etc. It also provides peace of mind when chewing meat or eating nuts! I am extremely pleased with the results.

Kay P.

Franco: Thank you for the Red Carpet Service in 2020.

Bing R.

Franco: Thank you for the Birthday Card, I am 100 years old. I am doing great with my dentures.

Henry J.

Hi Franco,
A message from George. He is very very happy the way his uppers fit. He just wanted you to know, and if he's happy, I'm happy!

Thanks, Diane


I have been a client of Calgary Denture Clinic for more than 30 years and have had excellent care and have had my dentures made by Franco. Franco and his staff are efficient and friendly. I highly recommend this clinic.

-Jill M.


After years of poorly fitting dentures. It was such a pleasure to deal with the friendly professional services of Franco. He made the experience easy and pleasant. My dentures now add great pleasure to my life. The fit is great and the post care checks are comforting and reflect great pride in his work. I highly recommend Calgary Denture Clinic to anyone without reservation.

Franco is a credit to his profession.

A happy customer


"I am happy to provide this recommendation for Franco for the work that he does on his dentures.  His dentures are some of the best I have worked with. Patient’s are very happy with the result and very little adjustments are necessary. Franco tries his very best to satisfy his customers and they really appreciate that about him. Franco has also been supporting the CUPS Dental clinic that does treatment for the homeless in Calgary. He has provided many dentures for patients who would otherwise not be able to afford to have teeth due to their unfortunate circumstances. Through his efforts many clients who couldn’t afford teeth now are able to find jobs and support themselves.

I would highly recommend Franco for your denture needs."

- Dr. Kuen Chow

"The IMPROVEMENT from Standard denture to Implant retained DENTURE was outstanding, I can chew, eat foods I could not, feel confident, without palate on Complete upper Denture can taste my food... Thank you Franco.  5 STAR SERVICE."

- Ken P.